02 July 17

Posted at 4:48

Hello Internet!

Back in the day (and when I say back in the day, I'm talking about the late 90's when I was real a young'n), I made my first website and blog). The word 'blog' wasn't really a thing and my website was some embarrassingly terrible Geocities (Angelfire, anyone?) hodge-podge of glittery images, fussy wallpapers and neon text that was illedgible. Over my teen years I worked hard on my CSS and HTML skills and made somewhat more presentable websites which were the roots of social media (websites with lists about the music I liked and grainy webcame photos trying to look 'cool'). Then there was Livejournal, Facebook, social media became a thing and I became lazy. I took up a career in photography, but as the years passed, I barely maintained my website, let alone a blog.

So, now I'm trying to organize myself and - once again - launch a blog, this time within my portfolio website. A place to upload both my more professional work, my fun work and snapshots from my life. I have good intentions to keep it running. So, please say hello and stick with me.

 Me - NYC, 2017.

- Sarah